正装を表す「DRESS」。自由な思想と楽しさからなる「HIPPY」。この両極端なスペックを持つ DRESS HIPPY は、オーセンティックなプロダクトから中毒性を生み、酒や音楽を愛する粋な大人たちを魅了し続ける。

“dress” Dress to impress.“hippy” Liberty and happiness.A fusion of sophistication and chic ― a unique experience for anyone with a wild side and a love for the timeless. Produced by NO name!

AT dirty


AT-DIRTY is designed with a backbone.charming but functional,to stand up to whatever you encounter.Enthusiasts and hobbiests alike can appreciate the improvements on time tested vintage designs. Produced by NO name!


様々なアーティストがカバーし現代に受け継がれているJAZZの名曲”TAKE FIVE”の様にCLASSICをベースに、表現する者によって進化を続けるそんなブランドを目指して立ち上げたのが“TAKEFIVE MILE”DRESSからWORK、様々シーンに合わせたラインアップ。


This brand is established to aim for keeping on style evolution by artists.This style is like Classic jazz masterpiece “TAKE FIVE”,which was did a cover by a lot of legend artist and inherited to nowadays.

This Brand Lines up from dress style to work style and We are Particular about made in japan.The more you wear our Soft and comfortable leather shoes , it will break into your feet.